33rd Sunday of the year. 15th November 2009

Services for the week

  • SUNDAY: Mass 10.00 am
  • MONDAY: Mass 10.00 am
  • TUESDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am Mass 7.00 pm
  • WEDNESDAY: Mass 10.00 am
  • THURSDAY: Mass 10.00 am Mass & Novena 7.00pm
  • FRIDAY: Mass 10.00 am
  • SATURDAY: Mass 10.00 am Vigil Mass 6.00 pm
  • CONFESSIONS : Saturday, after morning Mass and from 5.30 – 5.55 pm
  • WAY OF THE CROSS: A shortened version of the Way of the Cross will take place after morning Mass each Friday throughout the month of November


Collections: The Offertory collection last weekend realized £450.68 and the second collection, £112.68 Grateful thanks to all contributors. 

White Flower Appeal: There will be a special collection next Sunday to help the work of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

Today… Tea and coffee will be served in the Hall after Mass. Please join us!

In your charity, please remember Mgr. Brennan; Mary Baptie, David Hogg, George McCallum, Peter O’Connor and all the sick and housebound.

Grace McAllister and Michael McAvoy, whose anniversaries occur about this time.

Roy Stirling, who died recently.

Mass Intentions

  • VIGIL: Grace McAllister
  • SUNDAY: People of the Parish
  • MONDAY: Frances Wilson
  • TUESDAY: Roy Stirling
  • WEDNESDAY: Jean McAvoy
  • THURSDAY: Catherine Rodger (morning) Helen Ward-Birkby (evening)
  • FRIDAY: Michael McAvoy
  • SATURDAY: Ian McAllister

Singing Sundays!!
The Guitar Group are aiming to stay on after Sunday Mass once a month or so, to practice hymns from the new hymn book.  The first practice will be held next Sunday (22nd November) at 11am – all parishioners who would like to join in and sing along are most welcome!!

The Fabric & Finance Committee will meet next Sunday (22nd) at 6.00 pm in the Hall

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Party…will take place this year on Wednesday, 16th December. If you are attending, please add your name and choice of main course to the list in the Hall.

Wanted: Old mobile phones – in any condition! Please place your unwanted mobile in the box provided in the Hall. All proceeds go to Marie Curie Cancer Research.

Thank you for your support.