26th Sunday of the year 29th September 2013

Services for the week

  • SUNDAY: Mass 10.00 am
  • MONDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am
  • TUESDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am
  • WEDNESDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am
  • THURSDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am
  • FRIDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am
  • SATURDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am Vigil Mass 6.00 pm


Collections: The Offertory Collection last week realized £356.49, and the Special Collection, for the Aged and Infirm Clergy Fund, £412.20. Grateful thanks to all contributors.

Welcome back to Father Carr, who will be with us for Mass today and next weekend.

Useful telephone numbers in case of emergency:

· Larbert Hospital and Strathcarron Hospice: 01324 823 310 (Fr Boylan)

· In case of necessity, please contact Canon Glancy in Grangemouth

In your charity, please remember: Nicola Patrick and all the sick and housebound.

Jean Bell, Ellen Boyd, Jeanie McAvoy, Angelina McKenna, Scott Ramanes and Mary Savage, whose anniversaries occur about this time.

Storehouse Appeal

We are appealing on behalf of the Storehouse community project, for non-perishable foods, which will be collected and distributed to those in need in the town. Please leave your donations in the Hall and they will be taken to the Storehouse Unit in Links Court.

SVP News:

Prize Bingo Night Friday, 25th October at 7.30 pm in the Church Hall. All welcome. More details later. Prizes for the event will be gratefully accepted!

SVP Mass  Saturday, 16th November at 2.00 pm in St Michael’s, Linlithgow. All welcome.