Feast of the Epiphany 6th January 2014

Services for the week

  • SUNDAY: Mass 10.00 am
  • MONDAY: Mass 10.00 am
  • TUESDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am
  • WEDNESDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am Mass 7.00 pm
  • THURSDAY: Mass 10.00 am
  • FRIDAY: Mass 10.00 am
  • SATURDAY: Mass 10.00 am Vigil Mass 6.00 pm

Notices My renewed thanks for so much kindness shown to me this Christmas.Thanks are also due to all the people who work for the parish in so many different ways.  My best wishes to everyone for a Good New Year.

Collections: The Offertory Collection last weekend realized £491.35, and the Second Collection, £104.44. The Christmas Day collection amounted to £384.50.  Grateful thanks to all contributors – and especial thanks for the donation of £100 for Flowers. There will be a Special Collection today for the work of Justice and Peace.

In your charity, please remember: Sadie Clelland, Colleen Malarky and all the sick and housebound.  Francis Carlin and Evelina Corvi, whose anniversaries occur about this time.  Alistair Girvan, who died recently.

Mass Intentions

  • VIGIL: Jane Brogan
  • SUNDAY: People of the Parish
  • MONDAY: Evelina Corvi
  • WEDNESDAY: Fr.Moraes
  • THURSDAY: Peter Brankin
  • FRIDAY: Alistair Girvan
  • SATURDAY: Sam Coward