Seventh Sunday of Easter 8th May 2016

Services for the week

SUNDAY: Mass 10.00 am

  • MONDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am
  • TUESDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am
  • WEDNESDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am
  • THURSDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am FRIDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am SATURDAY: Communion Service 10.00 am Vigil Mass 6.00 pm


A Warm Welcome. to Fr McLaughlin, who will be with us at the weekends while Fr Forrest is on his summer holiday.

Collections: The Offertory Collection last weekend realized £477.69 and the Second Collection, £95.97 Grateful thanks to all donors.

 Thank you to Callum Timms, whose Malawi Appeal realized £600.

Special Collection today for the Apostolate of Communications.

SVP News: The SVP income for the financial year 2015/16 was just under £4,000…. expenditure was just under £5,000. For more detailed figures, please contact a member of the SVP. Thank you for your support throughout the year.Two dates are currently available for Caravan Holidays at Port Seton, for Parishioners.The dates are:- 18th June and 30th July. To apply, please add your name to the list in the Hall.

In your charity, please remember: Fr Carr, Cindy McDonald, Eileen Smullen, and all the sick and housebound. Amy Doyle and Dennis Johnstone, whose anniversaries occur about this time.

SPREDSpecial Religious Development – is a spiritual programme, existing to nourish and nurture faith in children and adults with learning disabilities. Currently, there are 13 groups in the Archdiocese, with a maximum of 8 adult volunteers per group of 6 people with learning disabilities.  We hope to start a new children’s group in the SPRED Centre at 26 George Square Lane, Edinburgh, in September.However we urgently need volunteers to come forward and undergo the necessary training. Training takes place in George Square Lane, usually on Saturdays, with sessions from 10.00 – Noon and 1.00 – 3.00 pm. However, this can be flexible and evening sessions may be possible. Eight 2-hour sessions are required, prior to joining a group (either the proposed new group or an established group in Edinburgh, Falkirk or Bannockburn, depending on location preferences). As a volunteer, you need no qualifications or experience – just a big heart and the willingness to share your life and faith experiences. If you think this is something that might interest you, please phone me, Emma Robertson, on 0770 7811 595 or e-mail Emma.

Bo’ness Churches Together – Dates for your diary

Saturday 14th  May Prayer Walk.  Pastor Frank Hartley will provide further information.

Saturday 21st May Fun Day  Venue: Newtown Park. Admission: Adults – 50p (Children – free if accompanied by an adult). Lots of free activities! St Mary’s stall will feature a free game for children and we’ll also be selling Cake and Candy. Donations would be greatly appreciated.