31st Sunday of the Year: 30th October 2016

Services for the week:

  • SUNDAY:​​​ Mass​ at 10.00 am
  • MONDAY:​​​ Mass​​​ at 10.00 am
  • ​​​TUESDAY (All Saints): Mass​​​ at 10.00 am, and Mass​ at 7.00 pm
  • WEDNESDAY (All Souls)​: Mass at 10.00 am​, and Mass at 7.00 pm
  • THURSDAY:​​​ Mass​​​ at 10.00 am​​​​​​
  • FRIDAY: Mass at 10.00 am
  • SATURDAY: Mass​​​ at 10.00 am, and Vigil Mass at 6.00 pm
  • CONFESSIONS: Saturday, after morning Mass and from 5.30 – 5.55pm

Tuesday, the Feast of All Saints, is a Holyday of Obligation.

A plenary indulgence may be gained for the Holy Souls by visiting a cemetery any time from November 1st – 8th, and praying for those buried there. ​​​​


Collections: The Offertory Collection last weekend realized £427.51 and the Second Collection, £103.78. Grateful thanks to all donors. Special thanks to the anonymous donor of £1,000 to the church.

S.V.P. Annual Mass: The St Vincent de Paul Annual Mass for the Archdiocese, will be held next Saturday, (5th November) at 1.00 pm in St Alexander’s Church, Denny. Archbishop Cushley will be in attendance. All welcome to attend.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.): There will be no R.C.I.A. session this Tuesday evening. The group will resume next Tuesday, 8th November 2016 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall. All are welcome to find out more about the Catholic faith and to support those journeying towards initiation into the Catholic Church. 

In your charity, please remember in your prayers Fr Carr, Cindy McDonald, Eileen Smullen, and all the sick and housebound. Also, Tony Donnachie, James and William Dunn, Teddy Gilbert, Ewan Hamilton, Peter Hempstead and Josephine McAllister, whose anniversaries occur about this time. 

Mass Intentions:

  • VIGIL:​ Peter Hempstead​​
  • SUNDAY: Ben McAllister
  • MONDAY: Jack MacPhee​​​
  • TUESDAY: John Clelland (morning)​​
  • TUESDAY: People of the Parish (evening)
  • WEDNESDAY: Deceased of Fairholm & Gourley familes (morning)​
  • WEDNESDAY: Holy Souls (evening)
  • THURSDAY: The Hamilton Family​​
  • FRIDAY: People of the Parish