Seventeenth Sunday of the Year: 28th July 2019

Services for the Week:

  • SUNDAY: Mass at 10.00 am
  • MONDAY: Mass at 10.00 am
  • TUESDAY: Communion Service at 10.00 am
  • WEDNESDAY: Communion Service at 10.00 am
  • THURSDAY: Communion Service at 10.00 am
  • FRIDAY: Mass at 10.00 am
  • SATURDAY: Mass at 10.00 am; Vigil Mass at 6.00 pm
  • Confessions: After Saturday morning Mass and 5.30 – 5.55 pm

Mass Intentions:

  • Vigil – Beth MacDougall;
  • Sunday – People of the parish;
  • Monday – Fr David Henry;
  • Friday – Richard Burns;
  • Saturday – Raymond Williamson.

In your charity, please remember in your prayers, Derek Ball, Jean McCulloch, Olivia Henderson and Eileen Smullen and all the sick and housebound. Also, Moira Cunnison, John McAllister (Snr), Richard Maxwell Mulholland, Ernest Nawrocki, Colin Wardrop, John Patrick Wardrop and Colin Williamson whose anniversaries occur about this time.

COLLECTIONS: The Offertory Collection last weekend realised £477.89 and the Second Collection raised £90.12. Grateful thanks to all donors.

DON’T MISS: ‘Crowned with Glory and Honour’ at the Edinburgh Fringe. An original Christian play asking key questions about life and what we value in today’s society; highly recommended. 6 – 10 August, 6pm at Carubbers Christian Centre, 65 High Street, Edinburgh. Tickets: 0131 2260000

 MARY’S MEALS: We are once again appealing for support for this very worthy charity.If new school bags and school essentials are being bought for the new term, please consider donating last year’s bags and equipment to Mary’s Meals. Among the manyarticles required are:- pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, pencil cases, jotters, balls, rucksacks, tooth brushes, toothpaste,  hand towels, shorts, polo/T shirts and flip-flops.

SVP NEWS: Date for your diary: our Christmas lunch will be held on December 20that Fison’s Club, Linlithgow Road. Further details at the time.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: The annual Fire Evacuation Practice will be take place at both Masses sometime over the next two weeks.