Parish News

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time: 21st June 2020

Services for the Week:

  • Monday: Mass at 10am

  • Wednesday: Weekly Reflection at 7pm

  • Friday: Mass at 10am

  • Saturday: Mass at 10am

  • Sunday: Mass at 10am

While we are unable to gather for these services, you can access them live on our Facebook page and website


Weekly Reflections:

Please tune in live this Wednesday at 7pm on our Facebook page or website, as we hear from Deacon Joe O'Donnell who is a Port Chaplain for the Apostleship of the Sea. Deacon Joe is port chaplain in Grangemouth, and will be reflecting on the work of his organisation in these challenging circumstances.

Private Prayer:

In line with the guidance we have received from the Bishops' Conference for Scotland and the Scottish Government, we have been planning to open our church for private prayer. You are welcome to visit St. Mary's next Sunday, 28th June, between 11am and 12noon. Next Sunday is the Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul, and would have been a Holy Day of Obligation under normal circumstances, so it seems a good time to reopen our church for private prayer. During your visit you will be required to wear a face covering. While we have a limited supply of face masks for anyone who needs one, please bring a covering with you if possible. 

We also need volunteers to act as stewards to support our church reopening. This will involve showing visitors to their seats and helping to ensure that seating areas and door handles are regularly disinfected. If you can help, please email us here

Can you help?

Bo'ness Community Response Team are looking for volunteers to help with a short term project during the present pandemic. A huge quantity of good quality second hand clothes has been gathered and sorted - these now need to be washed and ironed. The children's clothes have already been distributed to a local charity working with refugees and vulnerable families and we are now ready to begin preparing the adult clothing for uptake. Would anyone be able to help with washing and ironing a few bags of adult clothing? These would be delivered to you and picked up afterwards. If you can help, email us here.

Latest from Society of St. Vincent de Paul:

The local conference of the SSVP have been contacted by Head Office to advise that, due to the circumstances surrounding Covid-19, all caravan holidays have been cancelled this year.

In your charity, please remember in your prayers...

All of our sick parishioners, and Michael John Holland, Francis (Frank) Maguire, Colin Bain, John McAllister, Mary Mills, James Darrien, Jean Muldoon, Vrellia Corvi, James McIntosh, James Boyle, William Wishart, Margaret Dunn, Marlene Tait, Michael Peter McCormack, Christina Hempstead, John Kennedy, Ignancy Nawrocki, John Wright, and Winnie McManus, whose anniversaries occur about this time. Also, Elma Brown who died recently.