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Click above to watch Sunday Mass live – every Sunday at 10am.

Since our Parish Pastoral Council was established in April 2016, many innovative projects have been planned and undertaken for the benefit of parishioners. These included conducting a parish survey to establish what you want from your parish; growing closer links with our local Catholic primary school; and hosting a successful and well-attended St. Andrew’s Night celebration.

As this forward-thinking work progresses, we are delighted to be able to inform you of the installation of live streaming equipment, to enable us to broadcast parish services online. With a growing number of sick and housebound parishioners, we are working to ensure that they will still be able to engage with their parish community. Giving them the opportunity to see Mass from their own parish is a significant way of achieving this. Having the equipment means that other services could be broadcast on request for the benefit those who live further afield and are unable to attend the church. For example, in other churches streaming of funerals has proven beneficial to family members abroad, giving them the chance to participate in the celebration of a loved one’s life. The equipment will also allow us to show services on a screen in the Hall, allowing those who attend Mass in the Hall to see as well as hear it. This will also be beneficial for very busy services where the church is full and the Hall is used for overflow.

Throughout the planning process for the installation of this system, the issue of safeguarding has been a key consideration. Please be assured that no parishioners will be visible on the live stream. During Mass, the camera will focus solely on the Altar or the Lectern. At other points during the Mass (for example the distribution of Holy Communion or while the Children’s Liturgy are presenting) the camera will pan to a neutral position where no-one is visible.

We hope that this notice is reassuring, and that you agree that this project has great potential.

At present, we are only broadcasting Sunday Mass which begins at 10am. To access the stream, click the ‘play’ icon on the image above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Callum Timms by emailing or calling 07817 510 850 or calling Richard Mulholland on 07764 666 453. Additionally, the Parish Pastoral Council meets monthly in the church hall. New members who would like to get involved in decisions around projects such as this are very welcome to attend.