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poland Witamy W Kosciele SW Mary’s W Bo’ness

indianflag Bo’ness ST Mary’s Palliyilekku Swagiatham

italianflag Benvenuti al St Mary’s R. C. Chiesa, Bo’ness

germanflag Willkommen auf St Mary’s Kirche Bo’ness R.C.

frenchflag Bienvenue à St Mary’s Church Bo’ness R.C.


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Third Sunday of Lent: 4th March 2018

Services for the week: SUNDAY: Mass at 10.00 am MONDAY: Mass at 10.00 am TUESDAY: Communion Service at 10.00 am WEDNESDAY: Communion Service at 10.00 am; Mass & Way of the Cross at 7.00 pm THURSDAY: Mass at 10.00 am FRIDAY: Mass at 10.00 am SATURDAY: Mass at 10.00 am; Vigil Mass at 6.00 pm CONFESSIONS: Saturday, after morning Mass and from 5.30 – 5.55 pm Notices Collections: … Continue reading Third Sunday of Lent: 4th March 2018

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