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Fourth Sunday of Easter - 21st April 2024

Services this week

Sunday 21st April 2024

10.00am     Mass


10.00am     Holy Communion service


10.00am     Mass


10.00am     Mass


6.30pm      Exposition

7.00pm      Mass


9.30am      Rosary

10.00am     Mass


10.00am     Holy Communion Service

5.30pm      Confessions

6.00pm      Vigil Mass

Sunday 28th April 2024

10.00am     Mass


In your charity, please remember in your prayers ...

Father Forrest, Jean Blair, Mary Robertson, Lisa Tucker, Jan Stewart,  Sadie Clelland, Peter Haggerty and all the sick and the housebound. Also, Maureen Robertson, J Cuthbertson, David Clelland, Beth MacDougal and Neil Marin  whose anniversaries occur about this time.


Latest News…

SVP News: Caravans. We have been allocated two dates for the caravan site at Port Seton – Saturday August 10th and Saturday August 17th – for parishioners who would not otherwise get a holiday. Contact SVP if you are interested.


The Offertory Collections last weekend amounted to £461.60 - grateful thanks to all donors. The SCIAF Lenten Appeal (the Wee Boxes) raised £737.60 – fantastic! There will be a special collection today for the Students’ Ecclesiastical fund.


Gift Aid: If you are a taxpayer and not currently in the parish gift aid scheme please consider joining; signing a simple form is all that is required. The scheme allows us to claim back from the Government 25% of your envelope offerings. In the last Final Year (2023/2024) envelope offerings amounted to just over £12,000 and the loose  offerings amounted to just over £10,000. If a sizeable proportion of the loose offering were to be included in the Gift Aid scheme, then this would significantly increase our tax rebate. This is particularly important currently because our outgoings are significantly greater than our income. William McAllister or Tony Edwards can provide further details if you are interested in finding out more. Tony will provide a brief overview of Parish finances at both Masses this weekend.


St Michael’s Ladies Club Linlithgow: We have received the following invitation: “ HI, as secretary of St Michael’s Ladies club , I am sending this invite to the Ladies of your church to an Inter-church evening on the 24th of April in Queen Margaret’s Hall Linlithgow at 7.30 pm . This is an annual event involving Ladies Groups from churches in the local area for a social event.  If anyone is coming to the event , please contact me on the following  e-mail  or mobile 07929323513. This will help with the catering for the evening Thanking you in anticipation.


Deeply Devoted: This event will throw light on the prayers and practices that can help us live a life of holiness. It takes place on Saturday 27 April 2024 at The Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1BB.

SPUC's Pro-Life Chain will be the main event in Edinburgh's Festival of Life on Saturday 27 April. On that day we remember with sadness the start of legalised abortion in the UK. But we look forward with hope and joyful celebration of the unique value of every human life. More and more organisations and individuals are getting involved in pro-life work including, churches, doctors, nurses and pregnancy support organisations.

The annual Mass for Married and Engaged Couples is on Wednesday 29 May at 7.15pm in St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh. Come and celebrate the gift of marriage, renew your commitment and receive God's blessing upon your love.


Father Emmanuel will be away over the weekend of 4th and 5th May – Father Peter Kelly will be here to celebrate Mass with us.